Fresh Apples and Unique Home Decor

The rain beats against the window, but inside there is warmth and coziness. Today I'm sharing my secret weapon against a dull rainy day - our amazing yellow collection that brings the sun back into your home.

Hi every one!

Catherine here. This is our yellow setup that can bring the sun into your home on these dreary rainy days.

Apples - Varieties That Taste (DKK 129.00)
Discover our delicious apples, carefully selected for their refreshing taste and juicy texture. Whether you prefer a sweet Fuji, a tangy Granny Smith or a classic Golden Delicious, our apples will delight your taste buds and add a healthy and natural delight to your meals.

Mylie Bakke | Stoneware - Yellow (DKK 169.00)
This one is really cute with the little candy. I use it for all kinds of snacks, nuts, carrots, berries, sweets. My 1.5-year-old son tries hard to eat the ceramic bolche and is just disappointed every time when he doesn't succeed.
It can withstand the dishwasher.

Mylie Bakke, large | Stoneware - Brown (DKK 279.00)
This one is quite a bit bigger than the tray above, in milder colours, this one with a lollipop. Really cute and fun to put on the table.
The dishwasher is perfectly fine.

VASE MALTA | Stoneware - Yellow (135.00 DKK)
This vase can create joy in any room. The happy yellow color and round shapes can really bring summer into the house.

Stand for prayer light Ø11.5 - Brown (DKK 75.00)
Create a cozy atmosphere with this stand for prayer lights in earthy brown. This stage can be used in any setup for any room and creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxing moments.

Pitcher Mint | 1.7 ltr - Yellow (DKK 199.00)
This beautiful stoneware jug will add an elegant and rustic style to your kitchen or dining table. With its spacious 1.7 liter capacity, it is the perfect jug for serving your favorite drinks.

Soft quilt blanket (DKK 360.00)
Wrap yourself in our soft quilt blanket and enjoy the ultimate comfort. This rug is perfect for cozy evenings where you can relax and enjoy your favorite book or movie.
Soft quilt blanket. Comes as a double seat and has a really nice pattern with flowers. The pattern is the same on both sides.

Dried flowers for cooking - flowers rose petals (6 g) (DKK 43.00)
Add a delicate flavor to your culinary creations with our dried flower rose petals. These aromatic flowers are perfect for desserts, tea blends and more.

Naturally dried marigolds and cornflowers, which have a light and delicate taste and beautiful colors that decorate any meal. Use as an edible decoration on salads, rice dishes, soups, baked vegetables, cakes, muffins, bread, omelettes, desserts and drinks/cocktails. NO ADDITIVES

Colored candle, handmade - Yellow (DKK 69.00)
Give your home a unique lighting with our handmade colored lights in brilliant yellow. These lights will bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to any room.

Candelabra - Yellow (DKK 79.00)
Add a touch of elegance with our beautiful candelabra in enchanting yellow. This candelabra will work as a piece of art on your dining table or sideboard.

Explore our varied range of fresh apples and beautiful home decor products. Our products are carefully selected for their quality and unique design that will transform your home into an aesthetic and culinary oasis.

Get ready to enjoy tasteful moments and create an enchanting atmosphere with our irresistible products. Visit our website today and be inspired to add joy and elegance to your life.