Family run for 3 generations

An experience destination
since 1982

Owner of Krusmølle

The story of Krusmølle began back in 1982, when Nina & Henrik Loff had an idea to take over an old royally privileged mill and create a business based on the experience economy in its purest form.

Today, since 2022, Krusmølle has been run by 2nd generation Cathrine Loff and Christian Minetti, who have continued the family's passion and vision to offer unique experiences and services.

Krusmølle is more than just a cafe - it is a destination where history, culture and nature come together to create an incredible and memorable experience. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of activities, from tractor ring riding in the beautiful surrounding nature, to large events outside the house with food, music and party or local craft shops at Krusmølle

Our long history goes all the way back to 1521, when a duke, a king, a miller and farmers were involved in an exciting chapter that has shaped our company and its values. We are proud of our heritage and look forward to sharing it with you!

Visit us and experience a world of possibilities tailored to meet your needs and desires. Krusmølle is a place where dreams come true - come and be part of our history!

The people behind Krusmølle

Krusmølle, beautifully situated in the countryside with a fantastic view of lakes and forests near Aabenraa, has been a popular destination for experiences since 1982. Nina & Henrik Loff have managed the place successfully and their dedicated staff have always strived to give guests a unforgettable experience.

In 2022, the 2nd generation took over the management of Krusmølle, Cathrine Loff and Christian Minetti. They continue the tradition-rich legacy and work to improve the quality of the experiences that have made the place so popular over the years.

"When we took over Krusmølle, it was important for us to build on the success of our parents and create new exciting experiences. We will continue to focus on quality and create a cozy atmosphere where our guests will feel welcome and want to visit us repeatedly." - Cathrine Loff and Christian Minetti.

Krusmølle's History

Krusmølle was founded by Duke Hans the Elder (1521-1580). It was later owned by the Duke of Gottorp, and in 1713 it passed to the king. The mill was leased to the miller who operated it.
Like all mills in the Duchy of Schleswig at the time, Krusmølle had its regular clientele of farmers who had to have their grain ground at that particular mill. Forced mill guests at Krusmølle were farmers and kådners (householders) from the parishes of Felsted, Varnæs, Ensted, Uge and Rinkenæs. Mølletvangen existed until 1853.
Originally, no agricultural land belonged to Krusmølle. In the years around 1800, the then miller Sønnichsen bought a lot of land, and more was added later.

Until the middle of the 19th century, Krusmølle had, in addition to the grain mill, a carding mill that 'carded' (finished) woolen fabrics. From 1852 to 1877 there was a brandy distillery on the property. The rennet was used as fodder for bulls during fattening.
In 1877, Krusmølle was haunted by a fire that reduced the farmhouse, stable, barn and distillery to ashes. Nine years later, the old half-timbered mill house burned down. Apart from the brandy distillery, the buildings were quickly rebuilt - in the shape they have today, with certain alterations and additions.
Around 1912, an electricity plant was set up in the mill building. With hydropower, electricity was produced to supply several farms in the area with electricity for light and power. The power plant was closed down when Sønderjylland's High Voltage Power Plant came into being in 1923.
The mill lost its importance in the time between the two world wars, because the farmers switched to grinding their own grain, which the introduction of electric power made possible.

In 1972, the mill pond and the mill building were separated from the agricultural property. The property with farmhouse, outbuildings and land was taken over by Nina and Henrik Loff in 1986. in 2022, the daughter, Cathrine Loff, together with her husband, Christian Minetti, took over the company, which today is run in good health.