Christa Skøtt

Christa Skött

      5 for 100
      5 for 100

      A little about the artist
      Dive into an art universe characterized by nature's play of colors, sounds and scents. The artist behind these unique art cards, Christa Skøtt lives far out in the countryside and gets her inspiration from the free and uncontrolled nature. Christa has drawn and painted all her life and uses art as her personal means of expression.

      In these art cards you not only experience colours, but also a sea of ​​feelings and thoughts, captured on paper. Christa is a versatile self-taught artist who does not bind herself to a particular style. Each brushstroke is the result of a precious moment of pure being, a manifestation of the artist's presence in the moment.

      Art is not just aesthetically pleasing; it is also good for the soul. Colors have a profound psychological effect on us, and it is scientifically proven that art can positively affect our health and well-being. Experience this transformative power through beautiful art cards and make every day a little more colorful.