A Christmas market in Southern Jutland since 1986

The Christmas market has developed into a legendary tradition at our place, and it encompasses all aspects of our house: the café and the shop, the food and the wine. Get ready to experience, be inspired and get into the most magical Christmas mood!

In our impressive 2000 m2 area, you can find everything from naughty elves and pious angels to glass balls in changing colors and Christmas effects that are so fantastic that you can hardly imagine them.

During November and December, our Christmas exhibition is visited by guests from all over Denmark. This event has become a real hit and many return year after year. Both our shop and café are full of Christmas cheer, and you certainly won't be disappointed when you drive far to experience the Christmas atmosphere for the whole family in beautiful Southern Jutland.

The reindeer

Rudolf & Rudolf is a fixture at Christmas at Krusmølle.
The reindeer come all the way from the North Pole, so they land in mid-November. When they are out of heat.
And will be picked up on December 23

Opening hours during Christmas


We always start on the first Saturday in the autumn holidays

Christmas at Krusmølle closes December 23 at 6 p.m